The TMP, the best machine pistol.

Machine Pistols have good damage, and great fire rate, but have low ammo and low range. They are excellent for close range combat,but have to reload often. All Machine Pistols are lightweight, meaning you can knife faster and run faster than with another gun.

Machine PistolsEdit

There are four machine pistols.

In order from least to greatest, they are:

  • PP2000
  • G18
  • M93 Raffica
  • TMP

The PP2000 is the worst, with moderately low damage, but a large clip. You need about three-fourths of the clip to hit the target in order to get a kill. The G18 looks just like a handgun, but works like a machine pistol. It has moderate damage but only 8 in each clip. The M93 Raffica Is the second-best, and It has both good damge and clip size. The Akimbo version of it is quite popular. The TMP is the best machine pistol, un-locked at level 58. It has amazing fire rate, damage, and 15 bullets in each clip