Riot Shield

A riot shield from Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Riot shields are a glass and metal shield that you hold in front of you to block bullets. The riot shield can not fire, and only has a melee attack. It takes two melee attacks to kill a target. The user's sides and back are vulnerable to enemies, so the riot shield is only effective against a single enemy. the riot sheild is unlocked at level 6. It is very hard to get a

Killstreak with a Riot Shield. It is popular to put a throwing knife and Commando Pro on a riot shield class.


Sponge: Absorb damage with a riot shield. more damage to get higher levels. V is the highest.

Backsmasher: Kill someone from behind with the Riot Shield.

Smasher: Get a three-kill-streak with the Riot Shield

(prestege mode only) Riot Shield Mastery: Get 250 kills with the riot shield.